Elizabeth Robbins

Elizabeth is best known for her sensitivity to the delicate beauty of flowers.  She is an avid gardener where she has over 89 roses, daylilies, peonies, fruit trees, grape vines, and many other flowers.  She has been painting for over 30 years and is represented by top galleries across the country.  Find her on Facebook To visit her website go to www.robbinsfineart.com

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Florence Gaffney

I first met Elizabeth Robbins in June 2009.   I quickly learned that she is a brilliant artist recognized internationally for her still life and portrait paintings. She is one of the best instructors in the art world known for her unique, eloquent and clear thinking approach to her paintings In Elizabeth’s workshops she explains in detail the setting up of a still life composition, how she uses value structure (local tones) as a main visual concept to block in and build her paintings. She emphasis the importance of light and shadows in her paintings along with lost and found edges. Elizabeth paints from the heart.   Her paintings and when she is teaching shows the passion and love in every painting she does. I have painted with Elizabeth numerous times over the last eight years and my experiences have always been uplifting. There are instructors whom we meet along our way who change us, the way we see ourselves as an artist and the way we appreciate the beauty of art ……Elizabeth is one of them. Florence Gaffney

Florence Gaffney / Gaffney Art

I’ve known Elizabeth for some ten years and began painting with her at this time. I was a little bit more than beginner, hungry for information. I had had other art instruction but left with more confusion which was so frustrating. Elizabeth is a unique teacher because her interventions are first to show you a whole picture and then break it into bit size pieces. On your own canvas she is able to zero in on showing you the big picture and then follow it with specific guidance for individual students. Her instruction for all is easy to understand, sensitive, and moving you forward. The time I have invested with her has helped me tremendously in my understand of color and technique. She makes it fun to learn when you are struggling to grasp the concepts!

Terri Melgar / Terri Melgar Fine Art