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Welcome to Bella Muse Productions. 

An idea that began on a walk with three dogs and two friends that “played pretend” on what a perfect studio/gallery/workshop space would look like.  Ideas and wants were written on a napkin during a lunch at their favorite sushi restaurant.  North Light windows, tall ceilings, a space large enough for workshops, and  flowers out front.   A place where they could be inspired to create beautiful things.   The numbers 11 kept creeping into their day.  Looking at their watch it was 11:11.   11 emails unread, 11 Facebook notifications, 11 reminders.   Neither one thought much of it until one friend told the other how odd it was that she kept seeing the number 11.   “Me Too!!!!!!” said the other friend.   Later they both realized that the number 11 was a sign from the universe that they were doing exactly what they were suppose to be doing.  They were on the right track.   Two weeks later, a lease was signed with an address of “101”.   Bella Muse Gallery was born.  Their vision continued to expand once they opened Bella Muse Gallery and from there Bella Muse 101/Productions was created to bring you workshops and instructional painting videos.    

 Bella Muse Productions is committed to bringing quality instructional videos that help you become a better artist.   We feel strongly about how important art is in our lives and we want to continue to make the world a beautiful place one painting at a time.  One video at a time.

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Meet the Team



Elizabeth is best known for her floral still lifes.  She got her love of flowers from her grandmothers who taught her how to identify the wild flowers that grew near her home in Northern Utah.  Today she has over 70 roses in her garden and continues to plant more. She is a Signature member of the Oil Painters of America, Master Signature member of the American Women Artists.  She is represented by the top galleries in the country.

Artist/Graphic Designer

As a contemporary landscape painter, Kunz’s work is a conscious play of mood, light and color, but as a naturalist raised and rooted in the diverse landscapes of western America, a painting means more than that to her.  Each location is an encounter with the land, the trees, and the waters that have always given her a sense of connection and order.


Our Commitment to You


  Our vision is to make the world a more beautiful place one painting at a time.  To educate and inspire artists along their journey.