The Conceptual Stage of Painting by Shanna Kunz

Shanna Kunz

I have spent the last week deciding on my next series. This last summer has been a tough one. I lost my Uncle Les, who was more like my brother than an uncle and someone I adored with all my heart. A few years back, we lost my Uncle Steven. My grandfather died before I was […]

Communication is Constantly Changing by Susan Blackwood

Susan Blackwood

Watch a visual dialog of this post by clicking here Click below to learn more about Susan’s instructional DVD, “Faces, Hands, and Heart” Painting Children Made Easy     When I was young, everything wonderful was “cool” or “fantastic”. Those words of exclamation are not used much today. “Sick” is the new powerful word of amazement, […]

Tips on Painting Blondes by Anna Rose Bain

Click here to learn more about Anna’s instructional painting video, “Creating Vibrant Skin tones” See more of Anna’s work by visiting Art Work by Anna Rose Bain What’s your type? Blonde, redhead, brunette? If you love painting portraits, chances are you’ve worked with them all. Some are easier than others. The trickiest, in my own […]

“Design is my Muse” by Mitch Baird

“As a creator of images there are so many opportunities to express visually. The epic moment, the spiritual connection to a subject, the quality of light, color, and even the everyday mundane. With every subject there comes a core communication that we must strive to share. It is often difficult to figure out what needs […]

An Interview with Anna Rose Bain

 Click here to learn more about Anna’s new instructional video “Creating Vibrant Skin Tones” Click here to watch a preview of Anna’s new video What motivates you to paint? I have a deep love for beauty and a desire to capture it from my unique perspective. Painting grounds me and brings me immense fulfillment, especially […]