Learn, Paint, Grow!

Welcome to Bella Muse 101.

An idea that began on a walk with three dogs and two friends that “played pretend” on what a perfect studio/gallery/workshop space would look like.  Ideas and wants were written on a napkin during a lunch at their favorite sushi restaurant.   The numbers 11 kept creeping into their day.  Looking at their watch it was 11:11.   11 emails unread, 11 Facebook notifications, 11 reminders.   Neither one thought much of it until one friend told the other how odd it was that she kept seeing the number 11.   “Me Too!!!!!!” said the other friend.   Later they both realized that the number 11 was a sign from the universe that they were doing exactly what they were suppose to be doing.  They were on the right track.   Two weeks later, a lease was signed and Bella Muse Gallery was born.


What we learned was the power of the Law of Attraction.  What you put out to the universe is what you get back.  Put forth beauty and you get beauty back.  We learned what it takes to run a gallery, represent other artists, develop a webpage, accounting, taxes, licenses and learned how little sleep one could by with.


We now had an incredibly studio space to paint in.   We each staked out our area and easels were placed.   What an incredible experience to be able to paint daily with someone that only wants the best.  No competition, no animosity, only feelings of love and respect.


It’s been almost two years since we opened Bella Muse Gallery.   It’s been an incredible experience but now we are ready to GROW and we want you to grow with us.   Bella Muse 101 has now been born.   A production company dedicated to inspiring artist to create beauty.  Bella Muse = Beautiful Inspiration.  Instructional Videos by top artists, workshops, blogs, and just plain fun stuff.





4 thoughts on “Learn, Paint, Grow!

  1. Marlene Meek says:

    Love your beautiful paintings, your beautiful friendship, and now you are even offering your videos at an affordable price…beauty and generosity!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you for your comments. We are planning on adding more wonderful insights in the near future. We are a new company dedicated to inspiring artists.
      Please feel free to share

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